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Sunday Cravings

Hello Book Lovers! Anna’s not back yet, so I am doing my best to hold down the fort in her absence. Of course, I will be traveling for the next two weeks, so if I can’t find another Book Lover to fill in, we may be without Sunday Cravings for a bit.

But that isn’t anywhere near important as the fact that Winter Has Come to Alaska. I’m sure you are all rolling your eyes at me while wiping the dripping sweat off your collective brows – but it’s true. For the last few days, my car windows have been covered in frost in the morning. My roommate even turned her car on to heat it up before heading out today. WINTER IS HERE.

With that horrifying cheerful prospect to keep you all going, I present this week’s Sunday Cravings. It is, after all, important to stock up on your …

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Interview with Author Kelley Armstrong

Today we are extremely happy to welcome Kelley Armstrong to Book Lovers Inc!

Those who are new to the urban fantasy genre could not ask for a better introduction to the genre than Kelley’s Women of the Otherworld series! It is fast paced, full of lush worldbuilding details, three dimensional characters and lots and lots of humour. If I had to choose only one urban fantasy series I could take on a desert island, it is no secret the Women of the Otherworld series would be the one in my bag (and of course the fact that there is more than 12 novels in it isn’t irrelevant either ;-p lol). But to those who are seasoned UF fans I’m sure Kelley needs no introduction. Pick up one of her novels, and let the book speak for itself. Anyway, please …

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Around the Bookish World: News Week-in-Review

This week has been pretty interesting with some surprising and not so surprising news!

Barnes and Noble has announced their recent profits from the last 3rd quarter, although there was losses compared to the previous year, growth of their ebooks sales have risen that they have claimed that they are now selling more in that format than in print. In fact they have also claimed that they are selling twice as many ebooks in any print format in their site. So according to their press release this means they have cornered 25 percent of online sales of ebooks? Because like Amazon who have claimed they have 70/80 percent of market shares of the market, although both have not offered hard data/figures to corroborate this claim. But it does seem that Barnes and Noble will be hopefully …

Post Thumbnail of Around the Bookish World: News Week-in-Review

Around the Bookish World: News Week-in-Review

In the next latest twist and turns of publishing, Amazon has made overtures to agents by bypassing publishers to reach and negotiate new deals that bypasses publishers. I suspect that this is in part of the new agency agreements that is in place due to the publishers but also another move that shows Amazon is becoming more interested in publishing directly to their customers/

More shakey news from Dorchester, their chief CEO has departed John Priebich has departed the trouble-ridden publisher although a new CEO was announced to take his place. Publishers Weekly stated that Robert who was formaly CEO of Backe Marketing will take his place.

A Forrester Research study has announced that e-books will become the default format by 2015. This year’s growth of ebook sales have surpassed expectations and like I highlighted …

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