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On the Book Lovers Shelves: The Winged Lover (who has moved)

Good afternoon!

I hope you are all having a lovely day. Mine was absolutely terrible because we’re in the middle of a wet spot in Sydney and I haven’t been completely dry since Friday.  But enough about that 😀 because today I wanted to give you an update on the state of my shelves.

Why? You may ask. Has something drastic changed that has merited this update?

Why yes, dear readers, it has. You see I moved last November and have nearly finished settling in to my new home (with my new hubby :D). My bookshelves have grown since you last saw them, my TBR pile is now at 90 (far out how did it get that high) and I still have absolutely no room. I honestly thought I’d have room to spare after stacking my shelves, but alas it filled up a lot quicker than I anticipated…as per usual

Unfortunately I don’t have …

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On the Booklovers’ Shelves: Objects In Photo More Numerous Than They Appear

We’ve probably all seen the safety warning on the passenger side mirrors  of  cars. Wikipedia says it’s not just a US phenomenon, that other countries do this too. You know the phrase, “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”.

Sometimes it’s not real until after you’ve backed into the car behind you, usually while parallel parking. C’est la vie.

However, I’m here about books. And bookshelves. And the objects in this photo are more numerous than they appear. We moved from the Atlanta suburbs to Seattle in December. In spite of my current preference for ebooks, it hasn’t always been so.

Not to mention, I’ve been collecting books for decades. Every conceivably available wall in our apartment has a six-foot tall bookshelf “decorating” it. This picture isn’t of a room. It’s the hallway. We (my husband is just as much of a collector as I am) have over …

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On the Booklovers’ Shelves: Books For Other People (aka Enablers)

As all true Book Lovers know, there is a fine line between love and addiction. Gift-giving is perfect for leaping right over that divide and shamelessly pushing books on people. Why should your friends and family members have tidy houses utterly lacking in books for you to pillage and/or mercilessly judge?

No reason at all.

Getting an education was a bit like a communicable sexual disease. It made you unsuitable for a lot of jobs and then you had the urge to pass it on.

Susan Sto-Helit understands me. Just substitute “reading” for “education.”

We often ask Guest Authors and Guest Posters what the difference is between a book lover and a run-of-the-mill reader. The answer is really quite simple: The true book lover cannot fathom a world without books, and as such, is constantly pushing them on others.

However, It can be a bit difficult to have a book on hand for every …

Post Thumbnail of On the Booklovers' Shelves: DRACONISMOI HAS BOOKSHELVES!!!

On the Booklovers’ Shelves: DRACONISMOI HAS BOOKSHELVES!!!

I understand that it is ridiculous to write in ALL CAPS and than add extraneous exclamation points. (Dude, we get it already, you’re loud and excited.)

But allow me to assure you that today is a day totally worthy of duplicative emphasis. Why? Because today I GOT BOOKSHELVES!!!!!!

I’m a nomad by nature, moving across the country every few months, and subsequently living out of 3 pieces of luggage. One of which was always full of books. (I cannot tell you how many times TSA totally unpacked my carryon for being suspiciously heavy and dusted every single book for bomb residue. USians are not supposed to be aggressively literate. It is highly suspect behavior).

My mother does not approve of buying books when you can get them at the library for free. She never let me have more than a single small bookshelf growing up. I had to hide my collection under other …

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On The Book Lover’s Shelves: The Coffee Lover

Hello my Fellow Book Lovers!

This is a very special post for me, since, as you can assume from the title, I will share my bookshelves with you! I don’t know about you, but I always felt, that sharing your books and the way you categorize them at your shelves, speaks volumes about who you are as a person. We all have a different way of shelving our books or other treasured items, and that is something that represents you, sort of!

Today, I’ll show you some pics of my bookshelves but let me share with you a little secret as well: I dream of the day I will have my own home and built a special room, or have a special place where I can store all my treasured possessions aka books! As it is, in the place I rent, all I can do is have a couple of bookshelves and …

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On the Book Lover’s Shelves: The Winged Lover

Good afternoon fellow Book Lovers…

Today I am here to share with you the current state of my bookshelves.

To start with I will give you an overview of the entire thing:

As you can see, I only have one bookshelf 🙁 But I have managed to triple stack in most places. The top shelf has reference books, review books and huge series that would make my TBR wall far to big. Above that (couldn’t fit it into the photo) are my accounting books and the only book in the world that I want to burn….the Australian Tax Guide.

Next is the favourites shelf, all of my favourite books and favourite covers go here.

Third shelf from the top houses Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket and Robin Hobb, three masters of writing that I couldn’t fit on the favourites shelf…but they were my childhood favourites.

Fourth down is the Horrible Histories magazine collection plus various two …

Post Thumbnail of On the Booklovers Shelves: Special TBR-Shelves

On the Booklovers Shelves: Special TBR-Shelves

Ahem, please don’t look at the mess

This week it’s my turn to show you some of my shelves! I thought I’d show you what my very tricky TBR-shelves look like. See, my parents think I am crazy for getting so many books all the time. They asked a few times if I read them as fast as I bought them. I don’t outright lie…I just don’t tell them these shelves are reserved to the TBR-books *wink*
I’m pretty sure they’d have me interned if they knew.  Even more if they realized that these shelves have TWO rows of books! LOL So today I’ll show you what my parents can see…and what’s hiding behind the appearances 😉
The only single row shelf is the one reserved to Hard Covers. *cough* Ahem…the Dating for Dummies was a gift (Thanks Christine! lol). Mr Moose is the TBR-Shelves …

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On the Booklovers Shelves: Special Vacation Edition

For this edition of shelf porn I will be showing you exactly how I smuggle so many books on holidays. My family are not readers, and I am fully aware that they don’t have the slightest inclination about how desperately I need to read. So to keep everyone happy I resorted to the favoured saying of “what they don’t know won’t hurt them” and started hiding my books so no one knew exactly how many I took.

So now I’m going to show you some of the ways I hid my books and turned my luggage into my holiday shelves:

The first way is simple…a book bag –>

Stylish and easy to pack, you can fit quite a few books in here – I shove them down the side as well. This bag is a canvas bag I actually got for …

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On The Booklovers’ Shelves

This week it’s my turn to give you a glimpse at my shelves so welcome to Casa Susi. Be prepared, it will be a bumpy ride. *g* I moved into my appartment 3 years ago and because bf and me are both huge book addicts we decided to seperate our books for the time we live here. *head hangs in shame* The thing is that we have so many books and we didn’t think they would fit in and even if they would we wouldn’t have been able to buy new ones. So we had to choose which books we need in the new apartment and well that was a tough choice. The rest is in boxes in the in-law’s attic. *sad face*

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On The Booklovers’ Shelves

Welcome to the second in a series of posts in which us Booklovers are giving readers a peek at the bookshelves in our home. Our Quirky Lover (Jackie) kicked things off a couple of weeks ago and I was in awe of how tidy and organized her beautiful shelves were – I want another bookshelf!! LOL

I did dust (an event) and reorganize my shelves for these pictures, otherwise I would have been too embarrassed to show them.

This is my big shelf in the downstairs family room. I have the majority my keepers stored on this one. On the right is a small picture of the entire book case and on the left are the shelves up close (forgive my poor photography skills – yikes).

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