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Post Thumbnail of Guest Post: Melinda Dozier's Time Changes Everything Blog Tour + Giveaway

Guest Post: Melinda Dozier’s Time Changes Everything Blog Tour + Giveaway

We are pleased to welcome Author Melinda Dozier to BLI for the next stop in her blog tour celebrating the release of her new novel, Time Changes Everything, which is available today from Entranced Publishing. Reading romance has always been at the top of Melinda’s favorite past times. After hectic days of teaching English to middle school students, Melinda finds time to write and read in the evenings. She lives in Guatemala, Central America with her husband, three boys and German Sheppard. Melinda enjoys being the queen of her household and dreams of being pampered fully by her boys once they are grown. Melinda loves reality TV, traveling, blogging and playing Words With Friends.

We are looking forward to reading Melinda’s Guest Post today which is entitled: I’m Not Crazy! The Voices and Research behind Time Changes Everything.

Be sure and enter Melinda’s Giveaway opportunity via the …

Post Thumbnail of Character Interview by Elle James + Giveaway

Character Interview by Elle James + Giveaway

Please give a warm welcome to Elle James, who is back to Book Lovers Inc. to celebrate the release of Voodoo for Two, the second novel in her Cajun Magic series! And she has brought you a special treat: a character interview with the heroine, Lucie Lebieu! So read on to learn more about Lucie and don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end. 😉 

Interview with Lucie LeBieu
by Elle James

At the Raccoon Saloon, Lucie is working as a waitress in a bar full of rowdy Cajuns.

Male Reporter: Do you have time to answer a few questions, Ms. LeBieu?

Lucie: (settling onto a bar stool) If you make it fast and not too personal.

Reporter: As the granddaughter of the infamous Madam LeBieu, how much hands-on experience do you have with the art of Voodoo?

Lucie: Gran LeBieu has been after me to learn the trade, but …

Post Thumbnail of Guest post by Ros Baxter + Giveaway

Guest post by Ros Baxter + Giveaway

We are happy to welcome to Book Lovers Inc. Ros Baxter, author of Fish Out of Water, a mermaid story unlike any other you know! So join us as Ros tells us about her fascination with mermaids and how HER kind of mermaid is nothing like Ariel 😉 Ros, take it away! 😀

The best thing about children…

…is that they haven’t yet been told there is stuff they can’t do.

At least mine haven’t.

So when I asked my daughter (4) the other day what she wanted to be when she grew up, she told me with that trademark don’t-you-remember look on her face: “A pirate, of course.” Ah, of course. Silly me.


And when I asked my son (7), he shot me an almost identical look (genes are scary) and said: ”Rock star, remember?”

Image courtesy of MR LIGHTMAN/

For me, it was always a mermaid.

What was …

Post Thumbnail of Guestpost: Author Amara Royce + Giveaway

Guestpost: Author Amara Royce + Giveaway

Today we’re happy to welcome  Amara Royce on Book Lovers Inc.  Her new historical romance, Never Too Late , was released last week. Let’s give a warm welcome to Amara! And don’t forget you can win a copy of her book!
Thank you so much to Book Lovers, Inc. for having me here! I’m very excited that Never Too Late is now “out in the wild.” It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the heroine of Never Too Late, Mrs. Honoria Duchamp, and to explain how she came into existence.

I am a ravenous reader of historical romances, and I noticed a few years ago that older heroines are rather rare in the genre. In fact, “older” in a Regency or Victorian tends to be a woman’s late twenties, when she has been out on the “marriage mart” for a few seasons and is slipping toward …

Post Thumbnail of Guest post by Erin Nicholas + Giveaway

Guest post by Erin Nicholas + Giveaway

If you follow the blog you might have seen me mention the Promise Harbor Wedding series featuring a Wedding That Wasn’t since the bride got spirited away (Hitched), the groom disappeared on his honeymoon (Jilted), the bridesmaid went MIA (Bolted) and the best man got arrested (Busted)! So far I’ve read and enjoyed the first 3 stories and today the 4th book Hitched is released so you know what I’ll be reading, right? But before I curl up in my armchair join us in welcoming Erin Nicholas who is here to tell you a bit more about Allie, the heroine of Hitched, the rules of friendship and when it is ok to date a friend’s ex. (And of course two fantastic giveaways await you at the end 😉 ) 

How could she?

Allison Ralston has made a big mess of everything. Well, …

Post Thumbnail of Guest post by Hayson Manning + Giveaway

Guest post by Hayson Manning + Giveaway

What we all wouldn’t give to work on a tropical island, or even just to fly there for a few days to unwind and soak up the sun… *sighs* But if you can’t do that right now, do the next best thing: grab a copy of Wife in Name Only, the freshly released debut novel of contemporary romance author Hayson Manning and a glass of chilled margarita and escape to this faraway paradise. But before you do that, join us as Hayson stops by to talk a bit about her novel and its connection to dream jobs… and of course you could even win a copy of Wife in Name Only! 😉 

Dream Jobs

Tonga vista

When I was writing Wife in Name Only, I thought Zoe’s job of running a boutique honeymoon resort on a small island in Tonga was a dream job! Living on a Pacific …

Post Thumbnail of Guest Post by Ophelia London + Giveaway

Guest Post by Ophelia London + Giveaway

Today we are very happy to welcome back to Book Lovers author Ophelia London in celebration of her newest release with Entangled Publishing, Abby Road. Abby Road is a sweet romance that combines two of my favorite things in this world: music and a heartwarming love story! What more could I ask from a story? Ophelia stops by today with a very interesting guest post, sharing with us some great songs that fit her story that I just have to check out later! Don’t you? So, let’s welcome Ophelia and don’t forget to check at the end of the post for our contest details 🙂 You can also check the full Blog Tour schedule here.

Hi Book Lovers Inc! I’m so excited to be guest blogging today. I was asked by Stella to share some songs that go with the characters in my new novel ABBY ROAD. …

Post Thumbnail of Guest post by Heather Snow + Giveaway

Guest post by Heather Snow + Giveaway

I am very happy to welcome back to BLI one of my favourite new historical romance authors, the wonderful Heather Snow, author of the Veiled Seduction series, a very exciting and emotional historical romance and mystery series! And I couldn’t be happier because Book #3 Sweet Madness was released recently, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait! It is full of heartache, passion and love, I enjoyed it a lot and I’m sure you will too! Read on to hear more about the story and the writing of it and you could even win a copy of Sweet Enemy or Sweet Deception, the 1st or 2nd book in the series!

Thank you so much for having me back at Book Lovers Inc. I’m thrilled to be here to celebrate the release of Sweet Madness, the third …

Post Thumbnail of Guest Post by Jennifer Ryan + Giveaway

Guest Post by Jennifer Ryan + Giveaway

Welcome, book lovers! Today we’re pleased to have author Jennifer Ryan visit BLI. Her lastest release, Lucky Like Us, is now available from Avon Impulse. She stops by today to talk a bit about the book’s characters, their unexpected adventures, and exciting paths to love. Please show her a warm BLI welcome (and check out the end of the post for giveaway info!).

. . . .

We all have stress in our lives and deal with it in different ways. Book lovers curl up in their favorite comfy chair with a novel and lose themselves in another world. Some people sweat it out at the gym, or hike or bike ride in the great outdoors. Others veg out on the couch with a yummy snack, watching their favorite show. Maybe you set your mind to a task that you can get lost in, like knitting, gardening, or playing …

Post Thumbnail of Guest post by Alex Hughes + Giveaway

Guest post by Alex Hughes + Giveaway

We are happy to welcome back to BLI Alex Hughes, author of the dark urban fantasy series featuring an ex-addict telepath hero, and she stops by today to tell you about Sharp, the second book in her Mindspace Investigations series. Please give her a warm welcome and answer the question at the end to win Clean, the first book in the series, that I liked a lot! 😀 

Behind the Scenes Secret Revelation Post: the Making of Sharp
by Alex Hughes

They say there are two things you don’t want to see made: sausage and laws. I’d add a third to the list: a second book in a series.

When we sold Clean and knew there would be a second book, I found myself in the interesting position of having to write a book on a deadline, something I’d never done before. …

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