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Post Thumbnail of Katie Porter's Amazing Race for a Kindle!

Katie Porter’s Amazing Race for a Kindle!

Have you read a book by the debut co-writing team of Katie Porter (Lorelie Brown & Carrie Lofty)? Have you told others what you think? Now’s your chance! With Kindles!

Katie would love to get the word out by giving others access to the most important opinions of all: those of readers! It’s so simple. Just post a review of DOUBLE DOWN on Amazon.

Love it, hate it, think it’s worth a solid three stars…? Want to write a few lines or a treatise? Katie can’t wait to hear what you think. Here are the prizes.

When DOUBLE DOWN reaches 25 reviews, Katie will  give away a $50 Amazon gift certificate to a randomly selected reviewer.

When DOUBLE DOWN reaches 50 reviews, Katie will give away a $119 Kindle Paperwhite.

When DOUBLE DOWN reaches 100 reviews, and for every 100 reviews after that, Katie will give away a $199 Kindle Fire HD.

You only need to …

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Post Thumbnail of Announcement and The Subscribe(-Again) Giveaway!

Announcement and The Subscribe(-Again) Giveaway!

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade, right?

We realized last week that our RSS/Email Feed was broken *cue tiny violin*. And by broken I mean BROKEN.  We lost many subscribers and after multiple tries we couldn’t make it work right again. So Susi created a new shiny feed and now you can get a very pretty email with our pretty pretty posts in it *pretty smile*!  If you Subscribed in the past, please subscribe again- this new feed will give you access to subscriber only giveaways *wink*

This is where you enter. We’ve decided to make an event out of it and  sweeten the deal with shiny prizes.

This is the Subscribe(-Again) Giveaway!

All you need to do to be entered is subscribe to our NEW feed (RSS and/or Email) and leave a comment telling us you did so.

You can also get +1 additional entry for spreading …

Post Thumbnail of Breaking news in our Bookish world!

Breaking news in our Bookish world!

This just in, if we are to believe our sources, BLI journalist Has The Smutty Lover  is celebrating her birthday today! These rumors haven’t been confirmed yet. Let’s hear more from our correspondent…

*MIC in hand* Yes thank you the studios…Today is  indeed a special day for us because we’re all here to celebrate our Smutty Lover’s Birthday!!! Happy birthday Has ! It’s a pleasure to know you and  we all wanted to tell you how much we care about you!

Happy Birthday hon!!! And well we couldn’t safely bring you a #peenpresent but this might work too 😉 Because nothing says Happy birthday like Asian male strippers, right?

Caro: *drum rolls* HAAAAAAAAAppy birthday Haaaaas! May this new year bring you everything you want! Mostly books and hot delicious men! If possible hot delicious men holding books in their hands to hide their nakedness *g* It’s …

Post Thumbnail of HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday to Jackie a.k.a. Our Quirky Lover!!

HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday to Jackie a.k.a. Our Quirky Lover!!

Stop the presses! er… Posts!! err…deleting 1/2 a thousand pictures

from blog posts (sorry-I digress-couldn’t help it O_O)



Clears throat:

It’s our Quirky Lover’s Birthday!!!!!!

Happy, Happy Birthday Jackie! May your day be filled

with everything wonderful… :))

Birthday Wishes:

Lea: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jackie!! May your day be filled with special gifts and lots of chocolate, and cake and everything you love!! And, I hope it’s Quirky!! Enjoy your day! ((((BIG HUGS))))

Alisha: Happy birthday, my Canadian cutie! ^_^ I hope your special day is so awesome that it sets the tone for an amazing year to come for you. ::hugs and high fives::

Amanda:  happy birthday Jackie!! I hope you have a wonderful day full of books,, champagne and cake

Susi: Happy Birthday sweety! May you have time to relax and enjoy the cake, champagne and time …

Post Thumbnail of Happy New Year! Goodbye Bookies - Hello Star Review Ratings!

Happy New Year! Goodbye Bookies – Hello Star Review Ratings!

Happy New Year Everyone!

After careful consideration and discussion (not really – LOL) we have decided to discontinue using “Bookies” as our tool for rating reviews and adopt the more traditional “Stars”. Except our Stars are red because, well, we like red! 🙂

As you can see from the legend in the BLI Sidebar, our rating system hasn’t changed:

5 Stars: Perfect! I Love It!

4 Stars: Awesome Book!

3 Stars: I Liked It!

2 Stars: Not bad, but maybe not for me.

1 Star: Didn’t like it! Did Not Finish it.

We will use the 1/2 star rating to further define our opinion/enjoyment of the book. 🙂

New Year, New Platform, New Look and New Stars! Yay!

To all Our Readers:

We appreciate your support of BLI more than you …

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Post Thumbnail of Happy Holidays from All of Us at BLI to All of You!

Happy Holidays from All of Us at BLI to All of You!

Happy Holidays from Book Lovers Inc.


May the festive season bring you health and joy
that lasts throughout the New Year!

Post Thumbnail of Welcome to our new home & the Advent Announcement

Welcome to our new home & the Advent Announcement

Hey everyone. You might have noticed that we moved to wordpress this week. I have to admit it definitely didn’t go as we planned it to but we survived all the chaos and shock and present you the new look. (BTW you can grab our new shiny blog button in the sidebar –>)

Well we have to warn you that some things are still under construction. The review lists aren’t completely updated yet but we are working on that. So if you click on a link there right now it could be that you won’t reach that review. So if you look for a review use the search function in our pic at the top or at the bottom and you should be able to find it.

Well we also realized that google won’t support Google Friend connect for non blogger sites in the future so if you want to stay …

Post Thumbnail of Welcome to our new Book Lovers!

Welcome to our new Book Lovers!

A few weeks ago we embarked in a quest to find new Book Lovers. We want to thank everyone  who entered, for their entry. We were thrilled to see so many of you willing to be part of Book Lovers Inc.  You can’t believe how tough such a choice can be. Much discussing and arguing later we are very pleased to present you our 2 new recruits!!! Anna and Alisha!  They will join us now that we settled in at the new place and I’m sure you will love them as much as we do.

 Welcome to Anna our Coffee Lover!

My name is Anna and I live in Greece!I have studied Psychology – which is cool! – and since I got a degree I have been unemployed – which is not so cool!-. As I said,I live in Athens with my fiance but I was born in Volos,a really …

Post Thumbnail of We want YOU as a Book Lover

We want YOU as a Book Lover

Every Book Lover needs time for the actual reading and we as Book Lovers Inc think we could use a bit help to achieve that for ourselves more often. 😉

We at Book Lovers Inc. are a committed, supportive international group of contributors who enjoy sharing our thoughts and opinions about are love of reading.

So here it is! The big opportunity to join our group and become a full member of Book Lovers Inc.

What are we searching for?

– someone who loves books as much as we do– a good reviewer with at least a bit of experience– a team-member who wants to work with us– an open mind full of ideas– a reliable person with a some time to spare for us 😉– you are able to work with deadlines

– you don’t mind a full email inbox (sorry, no joking here *wink*)

There are some rules we have here:

– You will agree …

Post Thumbnail of A Get Well Shout Out To Our Geeky Book Lover!!!!!

A Get Well Shout Out To Our Geeky Book Lover!!!!!







First You Get A Card

And Flowers

And Chocolates


(Courtesy of naughty JoJo – Damn Woman!! lol)





Caro: Get well hon! I miss my other half… SO bad! Who’s gonna be the voice of reason if you’re not there? 😉 LUV you. <==3

Stella: Sweetie, we terribly miss you, but don’t worry about anything we’ll try to hold down the fort until you can take up your place as BLI Commander once again. Take care, rest a lot and make the most of your bed rest by reading some yummy books! ;-p *lots of hugs* Get well soon! 🙂

Has: Hon, I hope you get better soon. I am so sorry you are laid up at hospital at a time like this but I am sending you get well …

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