Monica Burns Talks Desserts & Other Yummy Confections + Giveaway

The Book Lovers are happy to turn the helm over to Monica Burns today who is going to chat with us about some very sweet things.

Hi everyone, I’m delighted to be visiting here at Book Lovers, Inc., and a big thank you to Susi for inviting me to talk desserts with you. Desserts you ask? Yep, I’m talking bon bons. What are they? They’re the French expression for candy. They don’t necessarily start out as chocolate, but they’re more like fondant or other sweet candies that wind up being covered in chocolate. So many misinformed people think readers of romance do nothing but eat bon bons while indulging in our favorite occupation, but they’re wrong. If anything the actual bon bon we indulge in are the bon bons between the covers of our favorite romance novels. I’m …

WTH – the Wyatt Truman Hearing by Kelly Meding + Giveaway

Today was supposed to be an Author takeover, but Kelly Meding decided she’d rather come with us on vacations than make a post.*g* We did find someone to fill in, please welcome the star of Kelly Meding’s Dreg City series …Evy Stone! She will interview WYATT- the one and only. Please give them a warm welcome and don’t forget to answer of the questions at the end for your chance to win.
Congrats to the Book Lovers on the first anniversary of their amazing blog! Great job! And thank you for inviting me to hijack said awesome blog today. I don’t get to speak out much, beyond the confines of the Dreg City books, so it’s nice to be able to spread my wings a bit. Metaphorically, of course—Phin’s the one with wings.

Anyway, I’m kind …

Interview with a Vampire Writer by Kate Pearce + Giveaway

The Book Lovers are still enjoying their free time but luckily Kate Pearce agreed to share something with us today. It’s a secret transcription of a very special meeting. Stay tuned till the end and answer the question for your chance to win. 

Lord Christopher Ellis and Lady Rosalind Llewellyn are staring at their creator who is slumped over her desk chewing jelly beans and muttering to herself.

Christopher nudges Rosalind. “Is she always like this? So…deranged?”

Rosalind studies the writer. “Nay, she is usually much worse. Sometimes she swings around in her chair or leaps to her feet, and starts talking to herself and pulling faces.” Rosalind lowers her voice. “Sometimes she even borrows her daughter’s dollies and arranges them in interesting positions.”

“Now, that I would like to see.” Christopher’s blue eyes brighten and Rosalind elbows him in the ribs.

“We’re here …

Catscapades or Details of a Catfight by Gini Koch + Giveaway

One of the past year’s sensations has been Gini Koch‘s mindblowing debut novel to the the Kitty Katt series: Touched by an Alien. It provoked hyperventilation, incoherent rambling, fanning and sighing over Martini and Christopher, and of course contagious laughter. We Book Lovers all went nuts with our enthusiasm and love for this series, these characters, novels and this extraordinary author, so it went without saying that we absolutely wanted to have Gini over at BLI to introduce her to anyone who might not have yet read her books (seriously are there any of you like that?!) or just brighten your day.

Martini, Kitty and Christopher didn’t get the spotlight this time as the Kitty Brigade usurped it. Read on for more and for your chance to win.

My Fur-Filled Life by Gini Koch

I was supposed to write a …

Putting Romance in Fantasy by Joely Sue Burkhart + Giveaway

Today Joely Sue Burkhart will take you away to the land of romantic fantasy. Grab a seat and hold your breath. Be sure to stay tuned till the end and you might win a wonderful special prize pack.

It’s sort of like walking along the top of a fence with vipers on one side and spiders on the other. Well, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but balancing fantasy and romance in a story can be difficult.

Some fantasy lovers despise the “gushy stuff” in their meaty worldbuilding.

Some romance lovers despise the “funky names” in their lovely emotional relationship.

Some readers won’t pick up a book that doesn’t have a detailed map on the inside cover.

Some readers will be furious if they finish a book and either the hero or heroine dies – which can be a common event in a …

The Importance of Inspiration by Megan Hart + Giveaway

Yes still no Book Lovers here but today Megan Hart will tell you about how she finds inspiration in music and she will also show you some examples. *g* Be sure to answer her question at the end for your chance to win a little surprise.

Writing can be hard work. I know it might not look like much — sitting at a computer or with a notebook, typing or scribbling away. Staring off into space. I don’t know about how other authors work, but with me, there’s a lot of staring off into space. All the hard work’s going on inside my brains, you see.

Which is why it’s really great and important to find inspiration. I don’t mean I need inspiration in order to write. Frankly, writing’s my job and if I waited for some “muse” to come along and motivate me, I’d never get anything written at all. I believe …

Review of Prelude to a Scandal by Delilah Marvelle + Giveaway

We are delighted to welcome today historical romance author Delilah Marvelle who will share with us her review of her own book: Prelude to a Scandal! It’s not everyday that you can read a review written by the author of the book themselves, so I hope you’ll enjoy this unprecedented review! Stay tuned till the end for your chance to win a signed copy of Prelude to a Scandal, the first book in Delilah’s new historical romance series!

Delilah Marvelle reviews her own book, Prelude to a Scandal

I’m good at shredding myself apart and what better way than to do it publicly? Heh. Okay, so let me start with why I wrote PRELUDE TO A SCANDAL and break it down from there. I wrote this book because after reading Casanova’s memoires and MY SECRET LIFE, I realized that …

Interview with Devyn Quinn + Giveaway!

We are delighted to have author Devyn Quinn join in for our Blogoversary celebration week today. “Siren’s Surrender”, the second book in Devyn’s “Dark Tides Series” from NAL Publishing hits the stands on February 1st and she is here to talk about what happens to the Lonike sisters next and specifically Gwen Lonike who I think can be described as the most reserved of the three mermaid sisters. Please give Devyn a warm BLI Blogoversary welcome! Be sure and read the end of the post as Devyn is offering an extremely generous giveaway today!!

BLI: Hi Devyn, so delighted you were able to take time out to join us again today. Susi, The Geeky Lover, talked to you in August last year and I’m going to invite folks to read that interview because you talked about you, your writing process as well as the first novel in the …

The Authors Strike Back with Cathryn Brunet & Stephanie Julian + Giveaway

As we say here in Germany “Rache ist Blutwurst!” (Revenge is Blood Sausage!) some author’s jumped up and screamed yes when we said yes you can actually grill us in return for all the evil questions we threw at you all year. So here is what Blutwurst looks like- we were actually forced to answer them all twitter style (140 characters or less). Please welcome today’s interviewers: Cathryn Brunet and Stephanie Julian. And if you endure it there is a surprise at the end.

Cathryn Brunet: Do you compose a review of the book in your head as you’re reading or do you just try to enjoy (or not) the story?

Susi – The Geeky Lover: Depends. I take notes for review copies but just enjoy my pleasure reads. …

Explore This! Regency London by Susanna Ives + Giveaway

As you can see we, the Book Lovers, are still on ‘vacations’. Today’s Author takeover will be performed by Author Susanna Ives, who will take us on a tour to Regency London! If you haven’t read Rakes & Radishes yet, I hope this post will be enough of a tease to win you over *g*. Stay tuned and you can be entered to win a copy of Rakes & Radishes!

Thank you Book Lovers Inc. for letting me participate in your Blogoversary
A few months ago, Caroline wrote me with the idea of writing a blog post about London as seen through the eyes of my heroine, Henrietta, in Rakes and Radishes. However, I’ve been so immersed in a Victorian project, that I’m afraid I’ve lost Henrietta’s voice.

So, I’ve combed the pages …

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