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Post Thumbnail of Review: Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

Review: Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

Format read: ebook
Series: Kate Daniels #6/Magicpocalypse #7
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: July 30, 2013
Number of pages: 327
Publisher: Ace
Formats available: ebook, paperback
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author’s Website, Book Depository, Indiebound.

Book Blurb:

Atlanta is a city plagued by magical problems. Kate Daniels will fight to solve them—no matter the cost.

Mercenary Kate Daniels and her mate, Curran, the Beast Lord, are struggling to solve a heartbreaking crisis. Unable to control their beasts, many of the Pack’s shapeshifting children fail to survive to adulthood. While there is a medicine that can help, the secret to its making is closely guarded by the European packs, and there’s little available in Atlanta.

Kate can’t bear to watch innocents suffer, but the solution she and Curran have found threatens to be even more painful. The European shapeshifters who once outmaneuvered the Beast Lord have asked him to arbitrate a dispute—and they’ll pay him in medicine. With the young people’s survival and …

Post Thumbnail of Book Lovers for the Prevention of Supporting Character Neglect: Kate Daniels World aka The Magicpocalypse

Book Lovers for the Prevention of Supporting Character Neglect: Kate Daniels World aka The Magicpocalypse

Welcome to the our first meeting of the Book Lovers for the Prevention of Supporting Character Neglect! Where Book Lovers from across the world stand in solidarity for the supporting cast. Those individuals that make the story and keep us coming back even when the protagonist needs a good smack (*cough Harry Potter cough*). Hear our anthem! Because everyone deserves top billing now and then.

Secondary Characters by Original Cast Recording on Grooveshark

For our inaugural meeting, we will take a close look at Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels’ World. Ilona is among the more considerate authors out there, as she has given various others a chance to shine while Kate and Curran are recuperating (Andrea, Dali, and Julie), but that consideration is no excuse! There are still a plethora of magnificent characters in post-magicpocalypse Atlanta that are …

Post Thumbnail of Review: An Apple for the Creature by Charlaine Harris (ed.)

Review: An Apple for the Creature by Charlaine Harris (ed.)

 Format Read: ebook.
Number of Pages: 336.
Release Date: September 4, 2012.
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Anthology.
Publisher: Ace.
Formats Available:  ebook, hardcover.
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Bookdepository, Author.

Book Blurb:

What could be scarier than the first day of school? A crash course in the paranormal from Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner, editors of Home Improvement: Undead Edition. Your worst school nightmares will pale in comparison to these thirteen original stories that take academic anxiety to new realms.

My Thoughts:

I HATE hardcover. Why? Because it is expensive, makes my books heavy, and takes up way too much physical space. To make things even worse, the hardcover print editions jack up the prices on ebooks. It’s extortion and I won’t stand for it! Even when there is a new Ilona-story included.

Which is why I shamelessly promoted the new Sookie story in this anthology to a certain  Viking-vampire groupie who does not share my qualms about underhanded …

Post Thumbnail of Review: Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews

Review: Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews

Format Read: Paperback provided by publisher via Literary Escapism.
Number of Pages: 448.
Release Date: July 31, 2012.
Genre: Urban Fantasy.
Series: Magicpocalypse #6.
Publisher: Ace.
Formats Available: Paperback, ebook, audiobook.
Purchasing Info: Bookdepository, Amazon, Goodreads, Author’s Site.

Book Blurb:

Some people have everything figured out — Andrea Nash is not one of those people. After being kicked out of the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid, Andrea’s whole existence is in shambles. All she can do is try to put herself back together, something made easier by working for Cutting Edge, a small investigative firm owned by her best friend, Kate Daniels.

When several shapeshifters working for Raphael Medrano — the male alpha of Clan Bouda and Andrea’s former lover — die unexpectedly at a dig site, Andrea is assigned to investigate … and must work with Raphael. As her search for the killer leads her into the secret underbelly of supernatural …

Post Thumbnail of Around the Bookish World : News Week-in-Review

Around the Bookish World : News Week-in-Review


Welcome to this week’s news post and I hope everyone had a great Christmas break and that y’all have a great upcoming New Years from everyone from Book Lovers Inc.

We have some great links to freebies and offers and some interesting tidbits to celebrate the New Year!


Amazon has reported that in the month of December that they have been selling over a million Kindles per week, with the Fire as the number one bestseller, closely followed by the Touch and the Kindle. Christmas day also heralded a huge jump in sales of Kindle books with the ‘biggest day’ of books being sold, with two of the top selling ebooks as self published ones.

HarperCollins also reported a bumper sales day during Christmas with over 100,000 titles being sold internationally, (this figure does not count US sales) – The best selling ebook was Game of Thrones by GRR Martin whose …

Post Thumbnail of The Good, the Bad and the Are-You-Kidding-Me?

The Good, the Bad and the Are-You-Kidding-Me?

Today we want to talk about a topic that irks the hell out of us. We are sure you noticed this too but we finally couldn’t hold back any longer. Changing the cover model in the middle of the series seems to be a bigger habit than we thought so we tried to come up with a few examples to show you how it’s well and not so well done. Here’s what we found. Let us know what you think about our selection.

Susi: Our first example is probably also the one where this whole different cover model problem is handled best. You can’t really see her face on Alpha so it’s harder to noticed that it’s not the same girl. I actually really like how they …

Post Thumbnail of My Wishlist: Must Reads Edition

My Wishlist: Must Reads Edition

Hello again.. Its great to be back here to give you all lil glimpse of what I desperately craving for this week’s wish list post.

Can’t believe how fast time has been passing by. Can’t believe March is half way over with. I hope you all are doing great and I hope for those enjoying their spring break are being safe yet having a wonderful time off.

So anyway here are the top of my TBR book pile list:

Christine Feehan’s Savage Nature (Leopard Series #5)
Penguin Group (USA)
April 26th 2011
Purchase Info and Links: Amazon, B&N, Book Depository, Goodreads

Book Description:

When Saria Boudreaux finds a dead body in the Louisiana bayou near her home, her first instinct is to go to the police. But there’s a problem: it looks like the …

Post Thumbnail of Interview: Author Ilona Andrews + Giveaway

Interview: Author Ilona Andrews + Giveaway

Ilona and Gordon Andrews are a husband and wife writing team, and have written six books – plus several short stories and novellas. The release of their latest book, Magic Bleeds, from the Kate Daniels series recently reached number 19 on the New York Times bestseller list!

Kate Daniels series:

The Smutty Lover: Magic Bleeds is the 4th book in the series. What can we expect from Magic Bleeds, and will there be a crossroads for Kate?

Gordon: I think the crossroads came in the last book. When Kate jumped on the sword, she made a definite choice. This book is about her journey on that road.

Ilona: I agree. It’s more about having to deal with consequences of choices already made. The life that she has in MAGIC BLEEDS, the good and the bad of it, …

Post Thumbnail of Geekdom of Books: LOLCurrans

Geekdom of Books: LOLCurrans

Hey everyone! 

Happy Monday!

Okay I had the Monday from hell today and I’m not very creative so I will use that opportunity to let the creativity of others save the day.
Enter the world of Kate Daniels and feel free to laugh as much as you want.
Here are some 

for you!

 All pictures are from Ilona Andrews website or her forum. You can find even more of these great pics there! So go over a take a look and have a good laugh!

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